Financial Analyst Salary 2021 – How Much Does a Senior & Entry Level Make?


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Financial Analyst Salary

Financial Analyst Salary, with the median income being seventy-three thousand dollars, it can easily be determined that anyone working in this industry is pretty well off with over six thousand dollars per month in earnings. However, depending on the performance, skills, qualifications, and abilities for a financial analyst to turn a company or corporation around into making great business investments and budget plans, an individual could find themselves making up to one hundred forty-one thousand dollars annually. Instead of going to school for fours and paying attention every other day in class, take the time to learn at every possible corner and opportunity while also taking the time to study at home not because it has to be done to succeed but because an individual wants to succeed and wants to make an outstanding financial analyst salary when everything is said and done.

State financial analyst Annual Salary fınancıal analyst Monthly Pay financial analyst Weekly Pay financial analyst Hourly Wage
Wyoming $73,409 $6,117 $1,412 $35.29
Massachusetts $69,859 $5,822 $1,343 $33.59
Montana $69,172 $5,764 $1,330 $33.26
Arizona $68,460 $5,705 $1,317 $32.91
Hawaii $68,403 $5,700 $1,315 $32.89
Indiana $68,022 $5,669 $1,308 $32.70
New Jersey $67,878 $5,657 $1,305 $32.63
Connecticut $67,271 $5,606 $1,294 $32.34
Washington $67,193 $5,599 $1,292 $32.30
New York $67,077 $5,590 $1,290 $32.25
Georgia $66,041 $5,503 $1,270 $31.75
Rhode Island $65,730 $5,478 $1,264 $31.60
Wisconsin $65,230 $5,436 $1,254 $31.36
Tennessee $65,058 $5,421 $1,251 $31.28
Minnesota $64,919 $5,410 $1,248 $31.21
Alaska $64,913 $5,409 $1,248 $31.21
New Hampshire $64,727 $5,394 $1,245 $31.12
North Dakota $64,702 $5,392 $1,244 $31.11
Ohio $64,583 $5,382 $1,242 $31.05
Alabama $64,498 $5,375 $1,240 $31.01
Nevada $64,402 $5,367 $1,239 $30.96
Maryland $63,754 $5,313 $1,226 $30.65
Utah $63,429 $5,286 $1,220 $30.49
Louisiana $62,957 $5,246 $1,211 $30.27
South Dakota $62,813 $5,234 $1,208 $30.20
Nebraska $62,682 $5,224 $1,205 $30.14
Florida $62,242 $5,187 $1,197 $29.92
New Mexico $62,022 $5,169 $1,193 $29.82
Oregon $61,943 $5,162 $1,191 $29.78
Virginia $61,861 $5,155 $1,190 $29.74
Iowa $61,556 $5,130 $1,184 $29.59
Kentucky $61,467 $5,122 $1,182 $29.55
Kansas $61,165 $5,097 $1,176 $29.41
California $60,915 $5,076 $1,171 $29.29
Vermont $60,853 $5,071 $1,170 $29.26
South Carolina $60,005 $5,000 $1,154 $28.85
Colorado $59,866 $4,989 $1,151 $28.78
Delaware $59,600 $4,967 $1,146 $28.65
West Virginia $58,308 $4,859 $1,121 $28.03
Oklahoma $58,258 $4,855 $1,120 $28.01
Pennsylvania $58,026 $4,835 $1,116 $27.90
Mississippi $57,315 $4,776 $1,102 $27.56
Idaho $57,038 $4,753 $1,097 $27.42
Maine $56,793 $4,733 $1,092 $27.30
Arkansas $56,284 $4,690 $1,082 $27.06
Michigan $56,162 $4,680 $1,080 $27.00
Illinois $55,979 $4,665 $1,077 $26.91
Texas $55,063 $4,589 $1,059 $26.47
Missouri $54,895 $4,575 $1,056 $26.39
North Carolina $51,133 $4,261 $983 $24.58

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While getting more education, practice to improve skills, and performing duties to the best of a professional’s ability will definitely help in earning the best financial analyst salary, looking for the perfect employer might actually make the most difference. Sometimes, no matter how hard individual works or how much extra time they invest into their profession to be more than just average, there are certain employers that limit the ability for growth, raises and promotions to the point where striving financial analysts should leave before they become completely limited adjacent to their skill and abilities. Finding lucrative companies, corporations or businesses is an excellent place to start as these are the employers that will be able to provide the highest financial analyst salary compared to much smaller businesses that must keep on a tighter budget to remain profitable.

Senior Financial Analyst Salary

What is a senior financial analyst? it is a profession that conducts analysis and offers recommendations for the realization of short-and long-term monetary goals for companies and individuals. To determine whether it is the right career choice for you, we have prepared a detailed guide on salaries, job opportunities, and how to be. If you have a question in your mind, you can contact us. To become a senior financial analyst salary, you must graduate from the Departments of Accounting, Economics, Business Administration, Finance, Public Administration, Statistics, Econometrics.

Yearly: $85,600
Monthly: $7,138
Weekly: $1,680
Hourly $42

Entry Level Financial Analyst Salary

Entry level financial analyst salary, Studying, learning, living the market, making industry comparisons, researching past performance and future trends of bonds and other investments are all part of the game whether it be an entry level financial analyst or senior financial analyst that is performing the duties. When first starting out in this industry, it is more than likely going to be a great challenge and journey to achieving the goals and obtaining the achievements of a senior financial analyst who has been in the industry for twenty plus years.

Being a dedicated and determined entry level financial analyst is perfectly okay as anyone who is willing to put in the time, effort, and investment into earning the highest possible financial analyst salary entry level will be the ones to make sure that their dreams and aspirations turn into reality. Overall, while there are many different problems that could potentially stop someone from reaching their goals, an individual who is truly investing in their profession and financial analyst jobs will have a great chance of earning an extremely impressive salary.

 Minimum salary for an entry level financial analyst: $54,947. A senior financial analyst earns about $84,522 a year. Financial analysts guide businesses, institutions, individuals who make investment decisions. 
Financial Analyst Salary 2021 - How Much Does a Senior & Entry Level Make? Financial Analyst Salary
Highest paying Entry Level Financial Analysts

Financial Analyst Starting Salary

Financial analyst starting salary examines the assets, liabilities, investments, and growth potential of a company. They serve the interest of one or more shareholders who wish to obtain information. Based on that information, you invest, merge, or sell. A financial analyst works as an independent consultant for companies, authorities, banks, brokerage firms, or insurance companies.

 The starting salary for a Financial Analyst is $56,977. An experienced Financial Analyst makes about $84,522 per year. 

Some analysts pursue general tasks, while others specialize in equities, bonds, real estate, or other public investment areas. If you work for stockbrokers, you specialize in advising clients to invest according to their needs. Major industries such as health insurance hire one or a team of analysts to study all financial aspects. This usually includes the analysis of individual companies and their investments, services, and products. The financial analyst checks everything that may affect the company’s stock and its prices.

Chartered Financial Analyst Average Salary

Chartered financial analyst average salary for (CFA) is salary: $97875. It is the process of analyzing the financial data contained in the financial statements of the business in order to guide the financial structure of the business. Measure chartered financial analyst average salary assesses a company’s financial position and operating results, and to determine the direction of development in order to forecast the future with that company, and the relationships between items in the financial statements an analysis of the trends that they have shown in their time-oriented activities.

The average salary for a chartered financial analyst salary, Canadian jobs is $72,065 per year or $36.96 per hour. The average salary ranges from $48,458 for beginner-level positions, to $95,000 for more experienced workers.

A Chartered Financial Analyst, or CFA, is someone who has passed a number of intensive exams and obtained relevant credentials from the US-based CFA Institute. If you have the title of a chartered financial analyst, your likelihood of finding a job at a high-end investment firm will increase dramatically.

To obtain the required driver’s license or to own a rental company, a salary of chartered financial analyst must have worked in the field of chartered financial analyst salary in usa for four years. Even for someone with plenty of experience and relevant knowledge, they need to pass three six-hour exams, which are as difficult as anyone knows.

But if a prospective candidate succeeds, the rewards can certainly be beneficial. The CFA Institute’s measure of success means that any financial analyst who passes the exams is highly respected. According to their website, the CFA Institute ‘sets the standard for excellence in the industry’ and this view is regarded as realism in the field of salary of a chartered financial analyst.

Financial Operations Analyst Salary

Financial operations analyst salary: $88,571 It is a type of analysis performed by those who are partners in the business (those who have shared) or are considering becoming partners, and those who provide long-term resources to the business (those who hold the company’s bond) or will provide. In other words, it is a type of analysis performed by those who contribute or provide long-term business financing (equity and bond investors) and are constantly putting or considering putting capital into the business. Its main purpose is to demonstrate the competence of the enterprise’s winning power in future periods. As investors are interested in whether they will be paid on time along with the expected returns on their investment, the security and profitability of the investment are important parts of the analysis, as well as the competence of the winning power of the business in this type of financial operations analyst salary.

Financial Planning Analyst Salary

Financial planning analyst salary for those who live in the USA: $92,448. Senior financial planning analyst salary: $110,881. It is an analysis made by third parties and institutions that are not staffed by the business, using the financial reports published by the business to the public. Since those who conduct the analysis are completely outside the business, they must be satisfied only with reports and information that the business has shared with the public.

Financial Data Analyst Salary

Financial data analyst salary average $78,544 references. It is an analysis for business management, at the request of management, to establish the basis for the decisions that the business management will make. In this analysis, the aim is to give the management the necessary data on various issues related to the business by using all kinds of financial statements and information and to shed light on the management in the decisions they will make. In this type of analysis, the company’s efficiency, profitability, liquidity, and financial position are determined and compared according to the past periods of the business, other businesses, and budget targets. It allows you to plan and control the business more effectively through comparisons.

Financial Reporting Analyst Salary

Financial reporting analyst salary average:  $98,447. Controls the budget of the institution or organization in which it works. It ensures the development of the analyst budget, whose task is not limited only to the audit work, but also the implementation of the prepared periodic budget. Manages the budget of the institution by preparing financial reports.

  • It prepares an effective and viable budget for the institution and carries out the necessary work for its implementation.
  • It compares the financial data prepared at the end of the reporting period and the financial data applied to determine whether the target level has been reached.
  • Conducts work to increase the company’s profit.
  • It presents the budget made by preparing an annual budget for the senior managers of the company.
  • In addition to the annual budget, it also prepares temporary budgets and makes sure that the expenditures made are within the budget plan.
  • It compiles annual budget estimates submitted by departments, reviews budget approval requests.
  • It follows the legislative revised budget innovations.

People who dominate the financial sector and can closely follow economic developments can make a big contribution to the companies where they work as budget and reporting analysts. Closely following the agenda being able to interpret the data correctly is also among the capabilities of reporting senior financial reporting analyst salary. According to the training you receive, you can work in private companies and banks.

Financial Risk Analyst Salary

Financial risk analyst salary average: $75,141. Senior financial risk analyst salary: $95,413/yr. Financial risk, on the other hand, refers to the direction in which the outcome of an investment or enterprise will be, whether economic obligations can be fulfilled. There are various risks in our lives. We can predict some of these, manage them, minimize the negative outcome. Some risks, on the other hand, consist of completely uncontrollable events.

We can’t know them in advance, we can’t categorize them, and unfortunately, we can’t prevent them. Factors that constitute financial risks are included in both groups.

Financial analysis is an analysis conducted by controlling income and expense records and cash flows in both individual and corporate terms. The financial analysis used in the world since the 1900s, but in our Country 2. It was built before World War II. The main purpose of financial risk analyst salary is that people and institutions want to see the economic picture they are in. These economic statements help to structure savings, investment, debt, and lending.

Financial Systems Analyst Salary

Financial systems analyst salary average in the USA is $85,785. Senior financial systems analyst salary average: $91,778/yr.

In order to shed light and provide information to decision-makers as an integral part of the company’s management, shareholders, creditors, investors, IPOs, mergers and acquisitions processes;

  1. Evaluating the financial structure and sustainability of the company by analyzing its financial statements, financial data, and off-balance sheet liabilities and rights for the reporting period.
  2. In other words, evaluating assets, resources, equity, profitability, and cash flow status and supporting the design of the company’s future.
  3. Determine the relative position and status of the company by comparing the financial results of similar or leading companies in the same industry.

Financial Business Analyst Salary

Financial business analyst salary average in the USA: $68,952. It is an analysis of the balance sheet items contained in your company’s financial statements and the result of your activities, the financial situation of the company, how to improve the missing aspects, action plans are created for these missing aspects, to plan the future of your company in accordance with the current situation.

In addition to some basic concepts of financial business analyst, it is also necessary to know the concepts that are passed as technical analysis methods or indicators of technical analysis. There are quite a few indicators used in technical analysis. First, instead of stating that there is no technical analysis indicator that works absolutely, 100% guarantee.

The analysis methods that will be used when performing financial business analyst vary primarily according to the market. An indicator that is successful in the stock market may not work in the forex markets. In addition, the time frame used when performing technical analysis on charts also affects the result. The indicator we use on a 1-hour chart and the same indicator we use on a 1-day chart can give different results. Another important point is that we should not make a trading decision by looking at an indicator alone. Finally, although the most successful technical analysis methods vary from person to person, we need to find the most accurate analysis method for us by testing historical data. MetaTrader 4 trading platform has a backtest application for indicators that you can test with historical data. Using this, you can run your indicator on historical data and look at its results.

Lead Financial Analyst Salary

Lead financial analyst salary average in the USA: $90,000. Companies applying for loans to banks or financial institutions, in terms of goods and money sources (money, capital, assets) is the person who evaluates and advises the firm in deciding the most appropriate financial support option.

A lead financial analyst working in banks, financial institutions, or consulting centers performs his / her duties in an office environment and is related to first-degree data. While working, he engages in mental activities such as thinking, research. When dealing with clients, he tries to verbally convince them. The finance specialist communicates with company owners, accounting managers, and senior managers, finance managers of firms, production managers of firms, employees of the intelligence unit of banks, and customers.

Financial Crimes Analyst Salary

Financial crimes analyst salary average in the USA: $37,000. Financial crimes analyst is the interpretation of the results of the analysis to be found by applying analysis techniques to accounting information to understand the financial situation of the business and the results of its operations. Financial analysis is carried out on the financial statements.

Regularly companies Financial crimes analyst; Financial pre detects threats, whether he can see clearly and profit from operations, determine a plan of action, have an opportunity to a detailed review of costs, the plan to correct deficiencies in the way it draws the financial data, financial ratio analysis knows what it means, and the sector finds the opportunity to compare based on values.

Financial Analyst Salary FAQ

What is a financial analyst salary?

Average monthly financial analyst salary: Starting at $4800.

What is the average salary for a financial analyst?

It would be wrong to answer this. but if you have the above-average experience your salary starts at $5k.

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